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Build Backlinks

Top 10 Ways to Build Backlinks to your Blog

As a blogger, you should have heard about building backlinks and its importance, but if you have not, let me do a quick recap...

10 Reasons You’re Not Making Money as a Blogger

If you’re spending all your time blogging and have very little in the bank to show for it, you may be taking the wrong...

How To Increase Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) Or PPC Rate?

Learn Tips to increase Adsense CPC or PPC rate. Adsense is the one of the best highest PPC paying ad network world wide. No...
essential wordpress tips

Easy Blogging: Essential WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress can seem complicated when you are using it for your blog. Lacking a decent understanding of the platform can cause a sense of...

10 Most Popular WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO Plugins made SEO look so easy and this is one of the main reasons that WordPress is the most popular CMS. Plugins...

10 WordPress Security Tips To Protect Your Website

Today we will use 10 wordpress security tips to protect our Website and learn from others mistakes, we will also use different plugins to...

Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2016 (High CPC words)

Google AdSense is one of the best and leading monetizing networks to generate money from your blog. Most of the new bloggers or webmasters...
RSS feed subscriptions

Boost blog traffic with RSS Feed subscriptions using FeedBurner.

Do you want to make your website new visitors to regular visitors? Here is the way with RSS feed subscriptions. When users subscribe to...

How to edit Web Pages in web Browser or with Firebug?

Before going to made changes in your web pages, here is a simple way to make temporary changes to your web page without any...
increase crawl rate

Simple tips to increase crawl rate and better index your website.

Learn tips that helpful to increase crawl rate your website. Once crawled, the search engines are index your website. simply crawling means search engine...

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