Monday, May 29, 2023

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How to use Google mail merge?

Learn how to send bulk emails to different recipients with the same body, with different greetings and with different file attachments to each people...

Top 10 bloggers in India and their earnings.

Hey! Guys. Here is the interesting and inspirational stuff for new bloggers. In this post, I’m sharing the best top 10  bloggers in India....
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{*Top*} funny WhatsApp group names for School friends

In recent days WhatsApp became more popular. Even school friends are using this WhatsApp messenger to chat with their lovely classmates. School groups are more funny and interesting...

{*cool*} WhatsApp group names for Cousins

When we have a free time, it’s always fun to have chat with friends, cousins and Family members in WhatsApp. For that, we can...

{*Awesome*} Cool WhatsApp group names for Family members

WhatsApp is the most used chat messaging app and it has almost replaced default SMS app. It handles 600 million photos and 64 billion...

{*Best*} WhatsApp Group names for friends

It’s really quite difficult to get unique WhatsApp group names. When we have free time, it’s always fun to have chat with friends, cousins...

Bangalore Techi reveals ‘easy trick’ to get free Uber rides for...

A hacker and product security engineer Anand Prakash, from Bangalore, found a bug on Uber transportation Network Company’s application. With this simple trick, he is...

Top 10 Best Funny, crazy and weird websites on the Internet

Hi, Friends! I brought interesting stuff for our readers. These are the funniest, Crazy and weird websites on the internet have to see at...

How to Delete WhatsApp messages which was sent accidentally, before it’s...

Learn the way to delete WhatsApp messages before it gets delivered. WhatsApp is now the biggest messaging app in the world with billions of...

How to do Google Chrome Restart through bookmarking?

In some cases, we may observe that Google chrome not responding. If you facing this problem then here is the solution just restart the...

Great Tips on How to Be Better At Running a Blog

Are you trying to build an online presence? Building an audience is critical to success in many endeavors, especially marketing. A great way to...

Effective SEO Techniques for Writing Blog Posts

Powerful SEO Techniques that boosts search rankings, Every once can easily implement. Your primary aim for maintaining a blog is to make money, and for the...



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