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stop blog redirection

How to stop blog redirection ?

In this session we will Know how to stop blog redirection from to country specific URL’s and what are the causes may occur due to...


The Akismet is an anti-spam service which helps to protect your website from spam comments. The best plugin I don’t know until my old website...
increase alexa ranking

Ultimate tips to increase Alexa ranking of your website/blog.

The search engine Giant Google not updating page Rank from past few months. page rank data removed from webmaster tools. So the only matrix...

3 Tips To Get Twitter Followers

One of the biggest hardships that are encountered by Twitter marketers these days is the inability to increase their Twitter following. Now, there are...

How to write SEO friendly page title?

The page title is second most important part of on-page SEO, after good use SEO friendly page title. Before writing the content on the...
RSS feed subscriptions

Boost blog traffic with RSS Feed subscriptions using FeedBurner.

Do you want to make your website new visitors to regular visitors? Here is the way with RSS feed subscriptions. When users subscribe to...
essential wordpress tips

Easy Blogging: Essential WordPress Tips and Tricks

WordPress can seem complicated when you are using it for your blog. Lacking a decent understanding of the platform can cause a sense of...
CloudFlare CDN

Complete Guide to set-up Free CloudFlare CDN for your WordPress blog.

CloudFlare is a content delivery network or content distribution network which stays in between your user and your hosting provider. CloudFlare CDN protects your...

How to add google analytics code ?

Google analytics is the mostly used web analytic service on the internet. google analytics is a web analytics services offered by google which tracks...
SEO Techniques

Effective SEO Techniques for Writing Blog Posts

Powerful SEO Techniques that boosts search rankings, Every once can easily implement. Your primary aim for maintaining a blog is to make money, and for the...

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