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10 Reasons You’re Not Making Money as a Blogger


If you’re spending all your time blogging and have very little in the bank to show for it, you may be taking the wrong approach. Whether you blog on your own, or blog for someone else, there are plenty of factors to ensure a profitability. Not knowing enough about what it takes to make it as a professional blogger, or making the wrong choices can hinder your success.

Everyone who blogs thinks they’re going to earn enough money so they can quit their day jobs and retire in style. It’s a nice thought. Realistically very few people make hundreds of thousands of dollars blogging each year. It’s not a stretch to earn a livable wage as a blogger, however.

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Even, blogging itself has become a major source of income to many, thanks to the evolution of social media and the successful bloggers from whom many have become enticed.Before, you’ll hear people say you should do it for the passion, but in recent times, while a few still say it, many have given up on that idea.

Most bloggers are now into it for the money.While a lot do it for the money, many are towing the wrong path, expecting to get the right results, which is an aberration.Even if you have Adsense account and your blog is relatively new, there is a high possibility that your ads account would be frustrating, due to the fact that your traffic is low, you don’t have loyal readers yet etc. but after reading this post, I believe your eyes would be open to why you are not earning as a blogger.


These are the top 10 reasons why bloggers not making money :

1. You’re Not Giving it Enough Time Blogging takes time. If you’re starting your own blog, or your pay is contingent upon traffic, please know you’re not a failure if you don’t have thousands of hits and page views in the first few months.

Very few bloggers become overnight sensations. How can you gain immediate traffic if no one knows you’re around. You have to build up a community first. Read up on traffic building techniques and become involved in other like minded communities. You’ll find a slow steady rise in traffic helps to build buzz. Promoting a blog is a full time job in itself.

If you blog for someone else and your employer expects heavy traffic immediately out of the gate, find articles and blog posts on building traffic and help him to realize this doesn’t happen right away. If you’re starting a brand new blog, chances are it’s not going to earn any money for some time. If your pay is contingent on traffic, remember you’re only going to be earning pennies for at least the first few months, and probably some time after that.

2. You are in the wrong Niche If you are not in a niche where you are having fun, there is a high possibility you would fail (sorry to say).If you came into blogging because of one famous entertainment blogger, consequently you named your blog “naijathis and naijathat”, with time, you’ll realize you are not enjoying yourself if you’ve got no passion for entertainment blogging.Blogging is lucrative when you enjoy doing it, this way, you’ll be creative to generate ideas that would yield profit.All you need to do, is to find something you love doing.

No niche is bad. Some might look more profitable than others but if you are enjoying it,you’ll get people to like you and in no time, you’ll have made yourself an authority and a trail blazer.Your niche should be one you can easily perform even when you are half asleep. When you find that area, never let it go.

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3. You’re Not Working for the Right People So here it is. If you’re only earning a portion of revenue or traffic bonuses, you’re not going to earn much money, especially if it’s a new blog. And even more especially if it’s for a name or brand no one has ever hear of. (and yes, grammar police, I know what I just typed so please hold off on your hate mail.)As noted above, blogs don’t make money off the bat.

Your client or employer may have a genius idea, but that doesn’t mean squat if no one knows about it. Before accepting any jobs for revenue or traffic bonuses find out how much revenue the blog is receiving or projected to receive and how much traffic is coming in, or predicted. Do the math before you agree to the job and you won’t waste your time stocking a blog with content for little or no money.

If you wish to earn a living as a blogger, try applying for salaried positions or gigs offering you a flat fee. If you’re expected to promote your blog, in addition to writing, make sure that’s included in the price. You can’t expect to make a living as a blogger by blogging for someone who pays chump change.

4. You Lack Resources I hear some people say they don’t have a laptop to blog with, they don’t have a modem with which to connect, they lack finance to subscribe etc…With these excuses, how do you want to outshine one who is always online?I wanted to give a guy a job to work for my client, since I won’t be available.

To my surprise, he asked me to tell my client to pay him upfront so as to enable him buy data. I found that ridiculous but I still cared and wanted to help. So, I obliged but my client refused and we ultimately gave it to somebody else.How do you handle running out of data and abandon your blog for another 3 weeks because you do not have data.

If you need a laptop, smart phone or any tool to help you blog right, do get it.HOW?Get a job.It’s more effective blogging if you have a job that funds your blog before you start making the profits’.

5. You’re Not Using the Right Advertising Formula Monetizing a blog is tough. I’m finally finding a good formula. It took years of studying my community and other communities in the same niche.

If you’re monetizing your own blog learn about your community. Are they clickers or buyers? What are their interests?What sorts of products are they most likely to buy?What do they search for – what search terms did they use to find your blog? Play around with the different types of advertising until you learn which types bring in money and which types don’t.It’s not enough to slap up some ads, you’ll also need to learn something about your demographic.

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6. Zero, Poor or Wrong Publicity Method If you blog and don’t publicize, then I wonder who would read your posts.Entertainment bloggers tend to spam Facebook groups, but that’s not easy or advice able for niche bloggers because the traffic won’t be targeted.So publicity is very pertinent, but the method of publicity is very crucial too because you need to take your contents to a market were it’s needed.

Imagine publicizing an agric blog to a mobile phone and tech community. You’d lose cash, waste precious time and be frustrated ultimately.SOLUTION: Identify the particular market where your content is needed; don’t just start an ad because your friends are doing it, understand the need of your readers and meet it.

7. You’re Not Doing Enough Shame less Self Promotion Bloggers self promote, if they didn’t no one would know about their blogs. It’s not enough to only post, however.Successful bloggers take advantage of social networks, forums, guest blogging opportunities and more in hopes of raising awareness to their own blogs. Notice I didn’t say spam? There’s a difference between self promotion and spam – if you want folks to become interested in you and what you do, join in the conversation rather than spam with links.

8. You’re following the Crowd If you came into blogging because of someone who made a lot of money, you are likely to do this because you will follow his rules and his rules alone.However, the very first rule of blogging is that “Blogging has no rule”. Stop following peoples template and find what works for you.

Your style should be your style.I’m not saying you shouldn’t adopt people’s style, but you should make sure they are working for you, once they don’t, forget them, there is no rule to blogging.Develop your style and don’t religiously follow their style because again there is no law.

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9. You’re Not Choosing the Right Niche Nichey blogs are cool and fun but they’re not always good for making money. How much money do you think a blog about click beetles or paperclips will earn? If you’re going to get niche think about how many people you will actually reach and what types of advertising opportunities are available for your genre.

Research to see if there are other blogs in this area and what they’re doing. This is why a lot of network blogs don’t do as well as the owners had hoped, they’re too nichey. There’s not enough traffic and advertising opportunities to earn a decent wage.

10. You are not Rendering Services. I have said this time and again; I’ve made more money rendering blog services than I have from ads.I get paid from what firms would call consultation (I don’t call it that yet) people contact me and ask me to tell them how I do things, I get paid designing blogs, adding some codes to templates, domain registering and setting up, and many other services and these requests come in so frequently that they give me tough time updating my own blog.

If you are not rendering services then you are losing a lot. Create a page on your blog telling your readers services you render and, post on twitter and on your Facebook wall services you can render and you will start getting requests in no time.It can be anything, you can offer to update blogs for people ( 15 posts at $50 for 5 blogs would give you $250) and that is cool money for a start, and the interesting part is that you can use the same content(if it is an entertainment blog) for your own blog with only little or no changes.

You can do a lot of things, just be creative and see the cash start trickling in. To Your Success.Over to you, What are the little things you do that bring income?What are the things you used to do that you later found out you shouldn’t or should have started earlier.Share with us using the comment area below.That’s all.Need help registering your website and managing domains for yourself?Then Please visit rakesh.techedge.in and contact them with contact form at the bottom.