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Link Building: Does it helps to boost your blog traffic and authority?


Link building is a process which need to be done carefully in right manner to bring your website to the top position of search engines. Link building process also increase the number of targeted visitors to the website.

link buildingLink building is categorized into following:

One way link building:

It is a great way to improve the link popularity and rank of the website in the search engines. It is considered as one of the most effective ways to increase the website popularity.

It not only increases the search engine rankings, but also assists in higher website traffic. One way links are harder to obtain than traditional reciprocal links, but pay to secure solid long term results of the search engine rankings.

The big advantage of one-way links is that you do not have to worry about link back to a bad quality links. Another advantage is one-way links will tend to stay in place.

Reciprocal- Two way link building:

A reciprocal link exchange/two way link building is a give and take process that happens between two relevant websites. In a two way link building, two websites have to agree to link to one another and share the targeted traffic.

The major advantage of Reciprocal link exchange is it will increase the website visibility through the relevant website. Reciprocal link exchange can get quality web traffic for the website.

Three Way Link Building:

Three Way Linking Building is a particularly complicated form of reciprocal link building. It is also the most effective way to generate the natural links to increase the rank of the website in search engines.

In the three way link building, the website take the link from others web site and in return provide back links from the website.

Do you have any doubut. Does linkbuilding improves traffic and authority? 

The ansewer in 100% yes. if your content is king!!! backlinks are queen. 

Link popularity increases your PageRank:

PageRank is an important factor that decides where the web page is feature in user run search result. Page rank is something which is mainly based on link popularity of the website.

The more links to your existing site, the higher will be its Page rank and the better will be its SERP ranking.

Link popularity leads to traffic generation:

boost traffic by doing link buildingA link to your site to another Web site, serves as a call for people to come and look at your site. Therefore, any website that has many links to related web sites automatically gets increased flows of relevant traffic.

Like most reputable sites will be ready to place your link for free if you put in a blog comment or an article. Link building is almost free advertising.

Link popularity creates credibility and trust:

When visitors comes through the text links to your site in many different sites, they are bound to think it is a trusted name in their industry.

If you use the article or post blogs as a way of building links and providing readers with useful ideas and information effectively, then for sure they will begin to trust your instincts advice and buy what you sell on the basis of the reputation it has created through strengthening the links.

Link building has a lot of financial advantages:

Besides providing a lot of publicity without paying or economic, link building is financially viable in a number of other ways. First, since the link popularity will only receive relevant traffic to your site, in most cases this would lead to conversions.

Another important advantage is that the popularity of a site with a high link provided will take you higher rates if you want to sell your website to a new owner. Even if you do not plan to sell a high PageRank and link popularity will ensure that you get more advertising revenue.

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Hope you will start doing link building for your website. enjoy faster ranking and more traffic….