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Boost blog traffic with RSS Feed subscriptions using FeedBurner.

RSS feed subscriptions

Do you want to make your website new visitors to regular visitors? Here is the way with RSS feed subscriptions. When users subscribe to RSS feed using FeedBurner, they will get notified with an email when new post added to your website. It is simple, free, and easy to use service offered by Google.

What is RSS?

RSS means rich site summary or really simple syndication which enable publishers to syndicate data automatically. Subscribing to a website RSS feed removes the need for the user to manually check the website for new content. An automatic mail sends to subscribers when new content added to website/blog.

What is a FeedBurner?

FeedBurner is a web feed management service provided by Google. FeedBurner provides custom RSS feeds and management tools to bloggers, podcasters, and other web-based content publishers. It is a free service provided to publishers include traffic analysis and optional advertising system.

Once visitors to your blog subscribe to RSS feed using FeedBurner, then they will get a mail regarding new posts in your blog automatically. This will help to get more traffic to the website.

Step by step set up for RSS feed subscriptions to your WordPress website:

1. Burn your blog/website feed using Google FeedBurner. Add your web URL and click on next.

burn feed using feedburner2. Select feed source. Click on next.

select feed source3. Choose feed title and feed address according to your wish. Use website or brand name to identify easily. After completion click on next.select feed title and feed address

4. Your FeedBurner setup completed successfully. Click on next to manage.

feedburner set-up completed5. Select settings for your feed statistics. Click on next.

manage feed statistics settings6. Go to publicize and select email subscriptions and Activate email subscriptions.

click on activate feed via email subscriptions7. Select the code to add to your website widget.

select emil subscription code add it to your website
8. Or if you want to add RSS feed logo to your website, select chicklet chooser. Select the code at the bottom.

Add chicklet chooser for your feed subscriptions9. Go to the widget in the appearance area of your WordPress admin dashboard. Drag the text widget to the sidebar and set the title and paste the above any one code in the content area of the widget. Finally hit save

you can add both email subscription box as well as chicklet chooser. Use two different text widgets to add codes.

go to widget in appearance in the WordPress Admin dashboard10. Open your website and check email subscription box or chicklet chooser added successfully or not. That’s all.

feedburner email subscription completedWhen someone subscribed to your blog/ website he will receive an email when a new content added to your blog. If he interested in that topic he will click on the link and may visit your website. These RSS feed subscriptions help to make new visitors as regular visitors.

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