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CloudFlare CDN

Complete Guide to set-up Free CloudFlare CDN for your WordPress blog.

CloudFlare is a content delivery network or content distribution network which stays in between your user and your hosting provider. CloudFlare CDN protects your...
increase alexa ranking

Ultimate tips to increase Alexa ranking of your website/blog.

The search engine Giant Google not updating page Rank from past few months. page rank data removed from webmaster tools. So the only matrix...
Schedule post on Facebook

How to schedule post on Facebook page?

Learn tip to schedule post on Facebook page. Social media is one of the best ways to bring the massive amount of traffic to your blog....
personalized email address

Guide to set up a personalized email address.

It is better to use a personalized email address when compared to normal Gmail, outlook mail ids because it gives more professional value to your...
Enable Gzip Compression

Enable Gzip compression: does it improves page speed?

Learn how to enable Gzip compression and  how it helps to improve page speed. Gzip compression is a simple method to retrieve data fast,...
leverage browser caching

Improve page speed by Leverage browser caching

Learn about browser caching and how to leverage browser caching by setting expiration dates on the cache. Browser caching stores web page resource files like...

How to add recent tweets widget to your website?

Twitter is one of the best online social networking services that enables users to send and read “tweets”. It is more powerful and highly...

How to put ads inside Article?

learn a simple way to put ads inside the article. Generally, the ads placed inside the article bid high when compared to ads in...
SEO optimized media

How to Add SEO optimized media to website?

Adding SEO optimized media to website will helps to get page rank better. coming to media, related images and videos are major part to...

Tips to write SEO Friendly URL structure for website

SEO friendly URL structure helps your page rank higher in search engines.URL stands for uniform resource locator commonly named as Web address, which is...

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