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How to add recent tweets widget to your website?


Twitter is one of the best online social networking services that enables users to send and read “tweets”. It is more powerful and highly influential social networking tool. Twitter is the great platform to connect people and have the discussion with them. Here is a simple technique to add recent tweets widget to your website.

How to add recent tweets widget to your website?

simple video how to add the twitter widget to your WordPress website?

First thing you need to go to twitter widgets page. If you already login, it will directly navigate to the widget area. Otherwise, you need to login with your twitter account. After login to the widget area, click on create new.

twitter widget creationYou can configure your twitter widget. Adjust height, link colour of widget. If you not adjusting the widget it will automatically set to default values. You can also change widget theme to either light or dark and adjust link colour to theme colour. Once you have done with the theme customization, click on “Create widget” button.

recent tweets widgetThen you will get a small snippet of code at the bottom. Copy the code.

Go to WordPress admin dashboard >> appearance >> widgets >> drag Text widget to sidebar to required position. Add widget title and finally, paste the copied code into body of the Text widget. Finally, hit button save.

twitter widgetThat’s all, refresh the website. You will get the recent tweet widget to your website. You can also add this twitter widget within the page also. Just copy paste the code whenever required. twitter widgets page not only allows you to create a timeline of your recent tweets.

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Hope this article helped you to display recent tweets in WordPress using the user timeline twitter widget. If you have any questions or comments, then feel free to comment below.