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How to schedule post on Facebook page?

Schedule post on Facebook

Learn tip to schedule post on Facebook page. Social media is one of the best ways to bring the massive amount of traffic to your blog. But publishing your article information in the social medias (Facebook, twitter, google+ and Pinterest etc.) Just after completion of your article will give less user engagement.

Select the best time for publishing to get more user engagement and gets more likes and shares. Finally, the post reaches to more people if you select schedule it properly. Here is an estimated data for best time to post on the Facebook. 

Best time to post on Facebook

Step by step procedure to schedule post on Facebook page:

1.Log into your Facebook account and go to your Facebook page.

2.Click on publishing tools in the page.

go to publishing tools in your Facebook page

3.Go to scheduled posts in the left-hand sidebar menu.

go to scheduled posts in the left hand sidebar menu
4.Click on create in the scheduled posts.

click on create scheduled posts
5.type the post text, media, page links anything you want to post on the scheduled time. After writing click on schedule.

write the post and click on schedule

6.Set date and time for the post, which time you want to post in the future. That’s all your post is schedule to scheduled date.

select date and time and click on schedule7.You can reschedule, remove the schedule, delete post anytime. Go to scheduled post in the publishing tools. Click on the post. Edit the preferences that you wish.

remove schedule, reschedule and delete shedule of your scheduled post8.you can directly schedule posts from your page timeline. By clicking on clock symbol. Set schedule time and click on publish. But here in this method, we can schedule maximum within the current date only.

schedule posts directly from your time line by click on clock symbal

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Question: what is the best time that you observed, having more audience engagement with your post on social medias?

Hope this article helpful. The only thing you need to do research for the best time your audience maximum engagement with your content. If you like this information, please share with your friends. Thank you.