Awesome Data Science cheat sheets for python


Data science is a multi-disciplinary most demanding skill in the 2020s. it is the concept to unify the statistics, data analysis, and related methods in order to identify the nuances of data. Every small-town Indian startup to Silicon Valley big tech giants is using data science powered techniques to identify the customer behaviors, patterns and understating the needs making...

Send mails in secure way using Gmail Confidential mode, here is how ?

Gmail confidential mode

A new feature introduced by Google to send emails in ‘Gmail confidential mode’. This feature enables users can send emails even more secure with set expiration and opt for SMS passcode where recipients mail can be unlocked only after verification of passcode. How to send emails using Gmail Confidential mode? Step1: Select compose mail from your Gmail account. Step2: Compose mail and...

Top 10 killer sites to get educated for free online.

online education

Money can’t be a blocker if you have the courage to pursue education. There are a lot of websites which kept professional courses available for free. All you need to do is to find the right course you are interested in and enroll in the course and just spend a couple of weeks to gain knowledge. Some of them...

Does your Aadhaar Details misused or not ? check out from Aadhaar Authentication History tool

Aadhaar Authentication History

The “Aadhaar Authentication History” tool enables users to check Aadhaar Authentication online and avail various information including transaction ID, error code, a method of authentication, Aadhaar authentication failure code, etc. Using this facility, users can find out when an agency would have accessed the biometric, demographic and one-time password. As Aadhaar contains crucial details, account holders are worried about the...

Train ticket booking and tips for high chances of reservation confirmation

Train Ticket Booking

Here today I am going to give brief recommendations and tips while booking a train ticket. Just follow the steps before booking you won't lose money and you will know which travel is preferable. Tips for Train ticket booking: to book 2.What generally all do 3.What not do definitely at booking 4.Reservation predictions, trends 5.Tatkal booking 6.App booking Most of us have faced a problem of booking...

How to resolve 500 internal server error in wordpress?


WordPress is giving full functionality in terms of handling and configuring the site. Even for the new users or non-coding people also can create their websites with few clicks. Only it requires a domain name and a good hosting provider. But few times people face issues, which makes them panic. Internal server error is one of the common WordPress issues occurs...

How to schedule messages on Andrioid and IOS?


Hi friends, today I am coming up with new applications info which helps you to send messages with the scheduling time. it's pretty cool right, You don't always remember to text someone later when you think you will. since not all phones come up with the scheduling feature, do try out some apps on your device to save you...

Awesome Ways to Make Money while you sleep: Passive Income

Make money

Are you looking for Smarter ways to make money, you’ve come to the right place. Is your money making money while you sleep? Does it sound too good to be true? Since we still live in the age of the internet, it’s not that difficult to earn extra money on the side. Ways that you can actually earn money while you...

Trick to Use WhatsApp As a Personal Storage space


Here is a simple technique to use WhatsApp as a Personal storage Device. The Instant messaging App Became More Popular with Awesome Features and Performance. You have been using WhatsApp primarily for text messaging and calling but there are a couple of other interesting uses for WhatsApp that will help boost the utility value of this app even further. Other...

Whatsapp brings pinned chats feature to android, Update available to download

whatsapp pinned chats

WhatsApp is making it easier for people to keep their most important messages in sight. The instant messaging app on Thursday rolled out the Pinned Chats feature for Android allowing users to pin their three most important message conversations on top of all the other chats. “With pinned chats, you never have to worry about scrolling through the long list...