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Best wordpress plugins for your website.


Hi friends, in this article I explained some of the best WordPress plugins which will helps to improve your audience as well as site ranking.  there are a lot of plugins are available, among them, some of the best WordPress plugins are given here. To get better search engine rankings, fast indexing of your website, protection of your website from spam and for page speed optimizations this plugins are really helpful. 

Best wordpress plugins for your website:

1) All in one SEO pack

Coming to Search Engine Optimizations(SEO), there are two types Optimization available. one is on -site optimization second one is off-site optimization. This plugin helps your sites on-site Optimization. It allowing you to edit the title, description and keywords for your website. this is one of the best plugin for WordPress. You can also customize home page settings that is home page title, description on keywords for your Homepage. There is the large customization for your keyword settings and also provides Webmaster verification settings like google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools which helps to bring more amount of organic traffic.

2) Akismet:

it really helpful to protect your blog from spam comments, landing on your blog. generally, it comes pre- installed when you setup WordPress, you will need to create an wordpress.com account to get API in order to enable it.

3) Google XML sitemaps

In order to get better indexing by Google or any other search engines, your website must crawl easily by the search engines. to get crawling quickly by search engines, you need to use XML sitemaps. I suggest this Google XML sitemap which is helpful better indexing of your website, on Google search engine which helps to quick indexing and helps to bring better organic traffic to your website from Google.

4) Broken link checker.

Generally these broken links or bad sign for Google search engines to index your website it will decrease your Page Rank. if you have blog page contains more number of Broken links. your website may not appear on the first page of Google search engine because, these broken links affect your website rankings. This plugin helps to identify this broken links and you can easily remove this broken links results your website not suffers from google page rankings.

5) Sumome

This is one of the best plugin to get list builder for your website. To give the latest updates regarding your blog post you can use this Sumome plugin. and it also provides great customization. we can use social share buttons on side of your website. If people like the post on your website, it is usually helpful to share that post on social networking sites by the users. Which helps to get more traffic media from social medias like Facebook, twitter and google+ etc.

6) W3 total cache

This is one of the best caching plugin.  which helps to speed up the load time of your website you can really get some lightning speeds using this W3 total cache plugin. You can check the performance of W3 total cache, by calculate your page speed using pingdom.com before and after installing this W3 total cache. you will definitely surprise the loading speed of your website after using this plugin.

7) Wordfense security

This is one of the best plugins which helps to protect your website from blocking attackers and miscellaneous traffic. Using this plugin, you can scan your website files against malware. It will inform you about spam content on your website. You can delete bad files links contain spam content or miscellaneous links in your website.

8) Contact form 7

This is the best plugin to build contact form for your website. After installing this contact form plugin, you can make customization as per your requirement. you can add feeds like username, email ID, check boxes and drop down boxes and the text box to get information regarding contact purpose. This information filled by users can be directly sent to your mail id. You can also set up mail 2 to greet audience for contacting you.

9) CommentLuv

CommentLuv Very cool plugin that promotes a more social, interactive atmosphere!  Basically, when someone leaves a comment, they also leave their website URL.  This plugin goes to their website and automatically picks up their last blog post and shows it in the comment they just left.  People are much more likely to leave comments if they’re getting love back to their own blog. 

10) Cbnet Ping Optimizer

Another must-have! Cbnet Ping Optimizer So, every single time you update your blog, it automatically sends a “ping” (basically an update) to the search engines.  This lets them know to send back their “bots” and index the new content.  But, if you’re updating a lot, your site is sending out a lot of “pings”, and the search engines might think you’re just spamming them to get your site indexed.  This plugin helps to optimize your pings and make you appear less “spammy”.

11) Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form Not only an easy way for readers to send you a message straight to your email inbox, but gets rid of the spam robots from leaving you messages as well. 

12) SexyBookmarks

SexyBookmarks (by Shareaholic) Comes up with a bajillion different share links to social media and social bookmarking sites.  They show up at the bottom of each post and they look snazzy.

13)  WP Google Analytics

WP Google Analytics Google Analytics is a tracking resource that keeps track of everything you want to know about your visitors: where they come from, what posts they enter and exit on, how many unique visitors, and a million other things.  This plugin makes it easy to incorporate Google Analytics on to your blog.

14) WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache Makes your blog super duper fast!  Not only is it less of a pain for your visitors, but it also helps your blog rank better.

15) FD Feedburner Plugin

FD Feedburner Plugin When a visitor wants to subscribe to your feed, this plugin redirects them to Feedburner.com.  Within Feedburner, you can add pictures, allow your readers to share certain content, and customize other features.  It helps your feed to stand out among others that your readers may be following. Feed Subscriber Stats Shows on your dashboard how many people are subscribed to your feed through Feedburner. 

 these are all some of the best WordPress plugins. apart from this jetpack by wordpress.com, SEO by Yoast these are also some best plugins. if you use a number of plugins, the average loading speed of your website will increase.this is a bad sign. so try to use the minimum number as well as use best plugins.