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OBS (Open broadcast software) : best tool to record your desktop.

OBS is a free software to capture your monitor and take video tutorials for YouTube. You can use the powerful, easy to use Open...
WhatsApp desktop app

WhatsApp desktop app: Guide to install and use.

On 10th may,2016 WhatsApp on its official blog announced, new Whatsapp desktop app. It runs natively on your desktop. This new desktop app is...
convert video file format using VLC media player

How to convert video file format using VLC media player?

Learn an easy trick to convert video file format using VLC media player.To convert video file format generally, we use file format converters among...
how to watch and download youtube videos on VLC media player

How to watch and download YouTube videos using VLC media player?

Learn an easy way to watch and download YouTube videos using VLC media player. YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-...

Find unsaved word documents in windows 10

The new Microsoft word has an auto-save feature, but in sometimes we are unable to find the document. The word document seems to be...
speed up systemvideo

How to speed up system?

Sometimes we may face the problem that our system work of the region for this is, temporary and prefetch files are created automatically....
google mail merge

How to use Google mail merge?

Learn how to send bulk emails to different recipients with the same body, with different greetings and with different file attachments to each people...
block video ads youtube

How to block video ads in youtube?

If you are irritated by seeing video ads on YouTube. There is a simple technique to stop ads on your YouTube page. Learn how to block...
block adult contentvideo

How to block adult content on windows PC?

In the recent years, the technology becomes more interactive through the internet. Even children spend more time to learn new thing from the internet....

How to add colors to folders using folder colorizer?

In your system, suppose there is a large number of folders it is very difficult to identify the actual folder which you are looking...

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