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How to add colors to folders using folder colorizer?


In your system, suppose there is a large number of folders it is very difficult to identify the actual folder which you are looking for. Here is the simple technique to solve this problem by downloading folder colorize application. It is very easy and simple to use. 

It is quite difficult to identify the folders if there are in large number. There are different customization techniques available for computers, among them folder colorizer is one of the simple technique to change colours of the folders to look good. It is easy to identify required folder among the group of folders. folder colorizer is a free software to customize your folders, it is free and safe to use. You can simply add your favourite colours to different folders on WINDOWS System. 

Let us see how to use folder colorizer step by step: 

Step 1:

first download the application named folder colorizer using the given download link: Colourizer!

 A setup file named the flodercolorizerSetup.exe file will be downloaded. Click the setup.exe file and download a total file. Take the system administrator permissions if required.

Step 2:

                  * Select folder which is to be customized

                  * Right-click on the folder.  select colorize!

folder colorizer

                 * that’s all,  select your favourite color