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How to stop auto playing ads in browsers and from facebook?


Learn how to block the ads, while browsing the internet on the browsers named chrome, Firefox and internet explorer. Here are some simple procedures to avoid flash ads on the internet and in this article we also included how to stop auto play videos on Facebook with small steps.

In present days the websites and domain are increases more day by day. The case can be made that the Internet has gotten better in recent years. More resources and faster, more targeted searches. But there is no doubt that it has also gotten more annoying. Like those creepy ads that follow you from website to website, just because a week ago you happened to look at a product the ad is promoting.

But perhaps the biggest annoyance is videos that automatically play once you open a page. Video content is a great feature and more providers are offering it. But since almost all videos start with a short advertisement, the sites aren’t content to just offer the video content, they make their videos begin automatically. Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. You can turn off the video auto play in your browser.

let us see how to disable the ads, auto-play videos and flash content  in browsers:

How to stop auto-playing ads, media and videos from google chrome: ?

It is very simple to disable auto play videos on google chrome. First type this content “chrome://chrome/settings/content” on the URL bar on the google chrome and press enter. Content settings tab will have displayed and scroll down to plugins. change the plugin setting to ‘let me choose when to run the plugin content’.

stop auto palying ads

How to disable autoplay videos from Internet explorer :?

It is quite simple to disable the plugin, flash content and ads that are playing in internet explorer. On the URL bar on internet explorer having settings icon. first, click on the settings icon, move the cursor to ‘safety’ and select “ActiveX filtering”. That’s all.

stop auto palying ads

How to disable autoplay videos in Firefox:?

Get an add-on on Firefox browser. Simply type this link”flash disabled

on the URL bar of the Firefox browser, we will get the page like this.


Click on ‘Get to Firefox’. That’s it flash icon will displayed on the address bar. Simply you can click and disable flash 

How to disable the auto play videos on Facebook:?

In the Facebook window, you can get the symbol triangle looking downward direction.


Go to settings.


Select videos.


On the video settings, change auto pay video settings from ‘on’ to ‘off’. That’s all.