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The Akismet is an anti-spam service which helps to protect your website from spam comments. The best plugin I don’t know until my old website blocked by google due to containing spam content in my website. My website not indexed by the google, as well as the indexed pages showed with a caution in google search results. Finally, I noticed the spam links in the comment section of my blog. I deleted all comments on my website, but no use. My website pages not shown in search results by google. Then I know this plugin, which is a best anti-spam service offered by Akismet.com. I suggest this plugin to protect your website from spam comments.


 Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see, if they belong to spam or not. Even it protects your website from trackbacks, contact form messages. This plugin works by combining information about captures on all participating sites and then using those spam rules to block future spam links. Nearly it notices 100 billion spam comments and pings until October 2013.

This plugin has been including by default in all WordPress builds since 2.0 and activates in all wordpress.com- hosted blogs

Each time someone posts a comment to your website, Akismet check it against on comment against their database.  if it detects in as spam comments, it’s deleted. If not, it is landing on your site.

In most of the WordPress hosting sites this plugin is pre-installed, just you need to activate this plugin with an API key. You will get this API key when you log in to your wordpress.com account. Then you need to choose the best plan which is suitable to you among different plans. For self-hosted WordPress sites, free plan is sufficient. You can upgrade to a premium plan in future when you need.

How to activate plugin to your WordPress blog?

Protect your website from spammers using AKISMET

Different plans offered by this plugin.

Different plans offered by akismet

 Akismet Protects your website from spam contact submissions.

Contact form 7 provides several ways to prevent spam, and cooperation with Akismet spam filtering plugin is the best part of the prevention strategy. You can connect your contact form with this plugin to protect your website from spam contacts. You can simply add this plugin fields to your contact form fields as shown below.

In name field 

[text* your-name Akismet: author]

In email field 

[teat* your-email Akismet: author_email]

in the website field in the contact form you can add

[text your_url Akismet: author_url]

after adding this fields your contact form 7 will send Akismet, about all senders input. Then plugin will find weather this submission by users is spam or not.

If finds it as spam, contact form cancels the sending of emails and shows error messages with orange colour border” Failed to send your message. please try later or contact the administrator by another way.

spam contact filter using akismetThis is the way how your website protects from spam comments as well as spam contact submissions from spammers using Akismet.