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How to lock folders?


Lock folder using a simple technique without using any third party software. Sometimes we may face the problem to protect our data in our system which is thrift by others who using your system. if it is the problem, here is the right solution for you by locking the folder, which you have important information like passwords, bank details, and some other crazy stuff.

In the google code Archive, there are some projects given to lock folders with a small application named Lock-A-FoLdeR-. Using this application, you can lock folders are encrypted with a master password. No one can access the data in the folder without that master password. If you want to access the data just Unlock the folder and use your information with in the folder.

Use this below link to find the folder lock Application. We explained in the below video how to lock and unlock the folders and protect your data from others.

Use link:  https://code.google.com/archive/p/lock-a-folder/downloads


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