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Google flood Alerts on mobile


Google will make public emergency alerts for floods available in India as part its efforts to make critical information more accessible around natural disasters. Theses alert are available on web search, maps as well as Google public alerts home page. Google has activated a public alert system that would offer valuable information on water level across nearly 170 areas in India.

Using data provided by the central water commission (CWC), users can now find flood alerts with river water level information in which information given by CWC by its active observations flood infected stations.

“Google working to improve Google crisis Response tools to make critical information more accessible around natural disasters. Through public alerts google trying to give weather, Public safety, and earthquake alerts to the people, which helps to make decisions in times of crisis.” Said by Payal Patel in google India blog.

Google flood Alerts:

flood Alerts by google

Providing critical and lifesaving information more widely available to people around India, which helps to more people prepare for natural disasters and protect more lives together during natural disasters.

In 2015, Google introduced ‘cyclone alerts’, which offers information with details about the hazard, including a map and expected timeline, as well as tips on how to stay safe.