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How to schedule messages on Andrioid and IOS?


Hi friends, today I am coming up with new applications info which helps you to send messages with the scheduling time. it’s pretty cool right, You don’t always remember to text someone later when you think you will. since not all phones come up with the scheduling feature, do try out some apps on your device to save you from all the after math.

These cool apps having the feature that you can schedule messages on a particular time as well as you don’t have to miss out any reminders like wishing your friends, closer ones for their birthdays, reminding friends for a party and reminding your team members for a meeting. what not, you can do a lot of things using these cool scheduling apps.

1) Pulse SMS:
This app comes with a host of features, one of them being the scheduling option. The UI of the app feels fresh, new and is easy to use. When you have to schedule a message, all you have to do is tap on the drop menu icon in any of your message conversations and then set the time and date before you hit the send button.

2) Textra:
There are a lot of apps available on Google Play Store which you can download to customise your phone. Textra is an app to change the look and feel of your native messaging app. Not just that, the app comes with some other cool features, like allowing you to schedule your text messages. Once you’ve composed your message just tap on the plus icon, which shows more options and just select the schedule text option. The message which you have scheduled on the app appears in green.

3) Schedule SMS:
If you’re looking for something solely to schedule your messages, this is the app for you. The app is free on Google Play and the ads only show up once you’ve sent the message. To schedule, a message all you have to do is, tap on the plus icon to compose a message and set the time date before you hit the send button. The only problem with the app is that the UI does feel a bit too old.

Inbuilt feature:

Some phones like Samsung and LG have this feature available on their handsets. All you have to do is go to any conversation and click on the ‘more’ icon, which shows you more option so of sharing the message or scheduling it.

For iOS users, it’s a similar process as they can download third party apps like:

1) Delayd app:
Amongst all the other scheduling apps, one of the most downloaded apps has been Delayd. Apart from performing the same function, this app also lets you schedule the same text on a ‘recurring’ basis, so all you have to do is set the time and select ‘daily’, the text will be sent to the concerned person at the same time every day. What’s even better is that it also allows you to schedule emails, and Facebook status updates.

2) Scheduled:
Launch the app and open a conversation, once you’re done composing the message, set the time and date before you send it.

These applications will help you to schedule messages. if you like this content please share with your friends. if you know more similar apps relating to this please share with us. Happy sharing happy learning!!!