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How to write SEO friendly page title?


The page title is second most important part of on-page SEO, after good content.so use SEO friendly page title. Before writing the content on the particular topic, do some keyword search which is really helpful to concentrate on the particular focus keywords. Use google keyword planners or any other keyword search tools for analysing and finding powerful keywords. Choose keywords that must relevant your content.

Best way to write SEO friendly page title

It is better to choose focus keywords along with keyword phrases like long tail, medium tail keywords, and short tail keywords.Generally, the question raised why to choose long tail keywords?

If the keyword length is more than ultimately the competition is less. So it is ranked well when compared other short tail and medium tail keywords. The longer and more specific the search terms are, the higher the chances of search conversions so using long tail keywords gives better results.

these long tail keywords are low in volume and the competition is also less. So we can focus targeted search which results in high conversion rate.

short vs long tail keywords        It is a better Use long tail or medium tail keywords when to compare to one word (short tail) keywords. Because one-word searches have more competition when to compare to the group of words. Generally, search engines use page titles to recognize what information the website contains. So you can understand the importance of page titles.

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According to SEOmoz‘s study, the titles with targeted keywords in first, ranked high when to compare to titles with focus keywords, in the middle and at the end. So keyword placement also places a vital role in search rankings.

keyword placement maters for seo

      The page title is one of the strongest relevancy signals for the search engine. It simple description for the total page content. All search engines will display page title as the search result. So the page title must be fully optimized for keyword placement. If a title is SEO friendly page title then, it will rank better in search engines.