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How to use Online Dictation application?

online dictation

Hi friends, we have developed dictation application. This online dictation app is basically a web app, simply an extinction to google chrome. This application uses web speech API of google chrome to convert your voice into text. There are different languages are available to choose, select the native language based on user preference. 

To use this dictation application, you need to connect the microphone to your computer. You should allow the script to access the microphone. This app internally uses built-in speech recognition future of google chrome to transform your text into digital text.

Commands to use:

  1. Say “New Paragraph” to begin a new paragraph.
  2. Say “Comma”, “full Stop”, “Question Mark” for punctuation.
  3. Click the “stop listening” button to end the speech recognition session. You can click “Start dictation” button again to resume transcription.

This online dictation application may help to decrees the writing work using the keyboard. sometimes it helps to students to write letters, essays, and small college projects also.

How this dictation app works?

Dictation uses x-web-kit-speech attribute of HTML 5. That is only implemented in google chrome. This attribute only implemented for (single-line input) form fields. It hides the speech- enabled input behind the microphone icon and appends the transcribed text to a regular DIV. After writing the text using speech, there is a “Dictate” option available to stop the voice to text conversion. Here is a quick tutorial by the developer about how to use this application.

This application is really helpful to narrate essays, even we can write blog posts with less time. if we practice and learn this speech recognition application, it is easy to use.

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